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$500 Gift Voucher for Master PSLE Maths in 48 Hours ™ Programme by Dr Zam’s Academy


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Get free MPM48 Gift Voucher $500 1 - 100 Get $500 Gift Voucher for Master PSLE Maths in 48 Hours ™ Programme by Dr Zam's Academy (DZA0099) ($500.00)
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Master PSLE Maths in 48 Hours Programme Set

#1 Unlimited Access to High Quality Digital Content of Video Lessons, Recorded Workshops, etc (Value: $1,200 per year)

Hundreds of play-back worthy video lessons that make every concept easy to understand with clear explanations, covering the entire PSLE Maths syllabus including key maths concepts, heuristics and non-routine methods in a structured AI-powered learning platform that ensures your child fill all gaps of learning, and reinforce strengths

#2 Unlimited Self-Paced Differentiated Practice Exercises for Mastery of PSLE Maths Concepts, Heuristics, Non-Routine Methods, with Full Mock Exams (Value: $1,200 per year)

Thousands of carefully crafted questions following exam formats for MCQs, short answers and open-ended questions, with different levels of difficulties of easy, average and challenging to scaffold every child’s mastery practice. Immediate feedback is provided instantly to help students learn from their mistakes with ‘Expert’s Explanation’ that comes with full worked-out solution video for total guidance.

#3 Diagnostics Assessment to Identify Gaps of Mastery (Value: $150)

Start off the programme with a diagnostics assessment that provides insights on your child’s weaknesses and strengths, so that the learning becomes more effective and targeted.

#4 Facebook Group Unlimited Helpline and Weekly Compiled Solution Guides (Value: $1,200 per year)

Exclusive to participants of MPM48 programme to post questions on PSLE Maths in receiving experts help

#5 June School Holidays 'Live' Zoom Workshops x 8 sessions (Value: $800)

Kick off the MPM48 programme with a series of 8 ‘Live’ Zoom workshops that are engaging, interactive and effective in equipping your child with the necessary concepts and skills to master and score for PSLE Maths.

#6 September School Holidays Refresher 'Live' Zoom Workshops x 8 sessions (Value: $800)

Reinforce understanding and application of key maths concepts, heuristics and non-routine methods for problem sums strategies. Recap, Review and Revise for PSLE Maths exams

#7 Printed Course Materials (Value: $450)

All printed course materials will be provided and conveniently delivered to your home with instructions on how to use them effectively

#8 Special Gifts and Bonuses (Value: $100)

Receive special gifts and bonuses all year-round to keep your child’s momentum going

#9 Certificate of Achievement for Completion (Value: Priceless)

After completion of the programme, your child will receive a Certificate of Achievement like the one below!


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